Travel with Liv

Explore nature, yoga and the world with Liv. Share the adventure here on the blog, @liv4sea on Instagram and on location world wide. Be inspired to live more sustainably, practice yoga, travel wider or simply take your own leaps outside of your comfort zones and discover the thrill of the wider world.

This fall, join Liv and Stef @sailriders.com as they sail from Rochester, New York to Tampa Bay, Florida aboard the 25 foot Hunter, Tenacious B, updated & retrofitted as a tiny home this summer. With the exception of a motor repair, Stef & Liv did all the work on the boat themselves!

Experience the ups and downs of off the grid living along the Erie Canal, Hudson River and Eastern seaboard. Celebrate the wonders of nature and outdoor living. Ask us questions. Join us in person at the marina nearest you!

Begin a new adventure, learn about Tenacious B & find the blog and travel updates here.

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